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27 February

Morcheeba’s gig in Voronezh

Photo by Konstantin Dobrovitskiy, geometria.ru

The legendary British band Morcheeba visited Voronezh on the 26th of February. The concert marked the launch of the IV International Platonov Arts Festival ticket campaign.

The guests of pre-party had a chance to listen to amazing Skye Edwards, the first and, most probably, the best singer of the band’s history. “My cheeks ache because I smile all the time”, - said admirable Skye laughing while the audience was dancing and singing along with her. At the end of the concert Skye decided to prank a bit and patted the security standing next to the stage on his head.

Skye Edwards appeared on the stage in a dress with feather embroidery made by herself. “When our band was organized Skye was not so keen on singing – she liked fashion a lot and wanted to become a fashion designer, – says the founder of the band Ross Godfrey. – My brother and me literally made her sing. She had a stage fright and it took Skye a lot of time to overcome her fear and to come on stage. Now she feels very confidently on the stage. By the way, Skye is still fond of fashion – she sews all the dresses for concerts on her own”.

The band was founded in 1995; eight years later the brothers decided to have a break and split up – Skye continued her career as a singer, the Godfrey brothers went to Hollywood to write film scores. After the seven-years break the band reunited with Sky, which made their fans really happy. Nowadays Morcheeba’s sound differs from their sound 1990s or 2000s. As the band members say, the tracks from the new album Head Up High (2013) are more electronic and modern.

“My brother Paul (DJ and songwriter) has produced this album. He wanted the album to include more speedy compositions because on our past releases we had mostly downtempo songs, – says Ross. – In earlier Morcheeba albums there is a lot of acoustic music while in the last album there is more electronic music which makes the album very modern”.

After the concert of the British band (at 10 p.m.) the tickets sales for performances and concerts of the 4th Platonov Festival edition have started. Morcheeba’s gig was the first festival event which marked the UK-Russia Year of Culture. And it was not the last – other famous British artists will be the part of the forthcoming Platonov Arts Festival program.