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15 February

Platonov Arts Festival volunteers: interpreters – acquaintance and training

On 15 February the preparatory meeting of Platonov Arts Festival volunteers took place in the festival office. It was devoted to interpreters work on the festival. In June 2014 about twenty groups from all over the world will visit Voronezh. Volunteers who speak English and other languages will help them to feel comfortable and get good impressions of Platonovfest organization work, Voronezh city and its people.

About 30 candidates for volunteers took part in the meeting. They were interviewed, passed tests, tried themselves as interpreters participating in special training dialogues and situations and listened to the lecture about translator ethics. Excellent practical recommendations were given to the young translators by Elena Pivovarova, docent of Theory of Translation and Intercultural Communication department of Voronezh State University.

The coordinator of interpreters’ part of the volunteer work, Teona Gandelidze, told about the festival spheres where volunteers can apply their knowledge of foreign languages into practice. For participation in this responsible work not only skills of communication in foreign languages are required, but also endurance, diplomatic ability and good deal of time as well.

The participants of the meeting were among the first to know the festival theatre events.

The meeting was held with the support of the International Centre "Lingvist" and the Regional Centre of French language of Voronezh State University.

The festival continues to accept applications from the volunteers speaking Polish, Italian, Spanish, Azerbaijani, Portuguese and Bosnian languages.

If you are interested to be the volunteer of Platonov Arts Festival 2014 – you are welcome to send your application at volunteer@platonovfest.com