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26 January

First step toward modern theatre

The editor-in-chief of the magazine “Theatre” Marina DAVYDOVA will visit Voronezh regularly.

One of the most respected theatre critics of Russia, the editor-in-chief of the magazine “Theatre”, art-director of the festival “New European Theatre (NET)” Marina DAVYDOVA leads the seminar “How shall we understand the modern theatre”. It is planned like a set of seminars and the first meeting took place in the House of Journalists on the 24th and 25th of January 2014.

The seminar was organized by Directory of Platonov Arts Festival for journalists of Voronezh writing about cultural events, also for bloggers and for members of theatre critics section of Voronezh branch of Theatre union of Russian Federation. On the first meeting Marina DAVYDOVA made an introduction what actually modern theatre is nowadays, what are the vectors of its development, how theatre critics influence this process, which countries are on the avant-garde of theatre art experiment. After the class participants of the seminar were invited to the preview of the new performance of Voronezh Chamber theatre called “Day of the city”.

"The task of the theatre critics consists of seeing the reality not from today, but from the future perspective – says Marina DAVYDOVA. – Ability to discover a person who fails not because of the lack of talent, but because he leaves his time behind him – this is the main ability of a critic. It is difficult. In order to notice such person, besides being confident with the context you have to be brave to say against your colleagues, who tag this person of being looser: “No, I think, it is very talented!” If a talented person is out of critics attention at the right moment, after a while his trace is vanished from the history. That’s why the role of critics is a very responsible role.”
On the modern theatre map Marina DAVYDOVA underlined the role of Germany, France, Hungary, Poland, Netherlands and Lithuania. The theatre map of the world is a bit different than the politician one - there are different leaders.
The director of Voronezh Chamber Theatre Mikhail BYCHKOV invited participants of the seminar to have a practical task immediately and to write a critical article based on the performance “Day of the city”. The preview of the theatre play took place on Saturday, the 25th of January. Participants of the seminar were invited to watch the preview 5 days before the official premiere, which is planned for the 30th of January.