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17 January

International centre LINGVIST became partner of IV Platonov Arts Festival

The geography of the International Platonov Festival participants extends every year. Within three previous festivals musicians, theatrical figures, writers and artists from 25 countries visited Voronezh. This year only the musical program of the Platonov Arts Festival includes performances of representatives of Great Britain, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Belgium, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, India, Haiti and Mali.

With increase in number of participating states of the festival the significance of a translator rises. The role of a translator is important not only for foreign guests accompanying in Voronezh, but also for technical adaptation of performances and concerts, for control of the equipment, light, sound and video.

The International Centre "Lingvist" became one of the partners of the 4th Platonov Arts Festival. The specialists of the Centre will translate documentation and literary texts, and also will accompany foreign guests during the festival.

"Some years watching the development of the Platonov Arts Festival we come to conclusions that ideas and purposes of the festival are very similar to ours, - the director of the International Centre "Lingvist" Natalya Vlasova says. - We work on the creation of the communicative environment in Voronezh where people of different nationalities can understand each other and come to an agreement. The Platonov Arts Festival creates this environment by means of performances and concerts, and we do it by means of intercultural communication. We make a high-quality language education available and the Platonov Arts Festival makes high-quality art available in Voronezh".