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11 January

Open doors for volunteers

Festival team invites volunteers for a set of preparational meetings starting from January till May 2014 in order to prepare better for the festival and to get to know each other in advance. On the meetings volunteers will learn the areas of their voluntary activities and the festival team will get acquainted with candidates. It will help both sides better organize their cooperation.

“The main principle of the cooperation is partnership. It is possible to carry out tasks with less number of helpers, but more efficient. Quality of the voluntary work is very representative for festival guests and visitors, it is our front office. That’s why it is absolutely necessary to get to know each other in advance and to make recruitment of volunteers based on certain criteria. Not everyone can be a volunteer!” comments Milana Furman, coordinator of volunteers in 2014.

The first meeting will be at 4 pm, January 11th 2014 in the office of Platonov Arts Festival Directory on Teatralnaya street, 30.

Everyone interested in volunteering on Platonov Arts Festival  please apply here volunteer@platonovfest.com  and join our social network pages.