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16 June

The British theatre company “1927” amazed Voronezh public by its show.

photo by Olga Tabatskaya

Platonov Festival theatre program has come to its end with the performance «The Animals and Children Took The Streets» production of the company «1927» (London, Great Britain). During 3 days while the show was on at the Youth Theatre (14, 15, 16 June) Voronezh citizens had the chance to enjoy this unique and quite unusual performance, most of them assured - they have never experienced such a theatre production before.

In this innovative , stylish play - echoes of the Berlin cabaret and Bertolt Brecht zongs. Most likely, the name of the theater refers to the movie «Metropolis» created it in 1927 by German director Fritz Lang. 

«Animals and Children Took The Streets»  - is like a vintage blanket made from different pieces – here you can find cinema and animation, songs, black humor, political and social sarcasm, touching and sad story and fragile atmosphere of characters’ dreams and hopes. Authors of the show – director Suzanne Andrade and animator Paul Barritt created a unique world which is however for many of us reminds of modern capitalist society – both the West and East.

Of all the companies who took part in the third Platonov Arts Festival company «1927» stayed in Voronezh longer than anyone. And, for that reason, they had time to visit festival exhibitions (Rodchenko photo exhibition impressed them most – in «Animals and Children Took The Streets» one can easily guess allusions on works of our famous soviet artist, the founder of constructivism), take an excursion to the newly restored country-house museum of  D. Venevitinov, Russian poet and philosopher, and even have a picnic on the banks of the Voronezh river.

Our British guests liked our city, and probably one day we will have the chance to host the new production of «1927» at the future Platonov festival editions!