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10 June

"Murmures des Murs" has enchanted Voronezh public

photo by Mikhail Kvasov

On the 8th and 9th of June 2013 Platonov Arts Festival  hosted the play Murmures des Murs in collaboration with Chekhov International Theatre Festival (Moscow) on the stage of Voronezh Concert Hall. Being attracted by the legendary name of Chaplin, the audience expected the play with a mix of suspense and curiosity - both artists are the direct descendants of the Great Mute of the cinema.


His granddaughter Aurélia Thierrée has worked in cabaret in Berlin, toured with the Tiger Lillies in their show Tiger Lilies Circus, and appeared in films, working with directors Milos Forman and Jacques Baratier. Murmures Des Murs is her second full length stage show and collaboration with director/creator Victoria Thierrée-Chaplin - her mother.

After the curtain raised the house immersed into the magic atmosphere of a new mysterious reality with its own rules, times and spaces... The artists animated sense of theatre invoking its original native power as a mix of circus, art of illusion and lyrical drama of an individual "craziness". Sophisticatedly and ingeniously the creators played with the attention of the audience leading the spectaculars into the world of illusions and dreams. The border between life objects and "nature morte", between dream and reality vanished. Such as the settings of the stage weren’t just a decorative aspect of the play but the true actor of the story, its interfering and sometimes leading feature. After being fooled, then scared, then irritated, then moved to laughter at the end of the play the audience jumped from their sits as little kids and acclaimed the actors and creators with a delighted applause.