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13 June

One-act ballets by world famous choreographer Nacho Duato were presented these days at Voronezh Opera House within the Third International Platonov Arts Festival.

photo by Evgeniya Pyscheva

Mikhailovsky Theatre from St.Petersburg has shown the dance performance from its current repertoire. Consisted of three one-act ballets - «Nunc Dimittis», «Without Words» and «Duende», created by the eminent choreographer and artistic director of Mikhailovsky Theatre Nacho Duato, performance had tremendous success with Voronezh public and guests of the city. Still, it was not the first acquaintance of our citizens with Duato's works. During the 1st Platonov Festival edition in 2011 festival guests had enjoyed chorographical piece «Por Vos Muero» in production of K.S. Stanislavsky and Vl.I. Nemirovich- Danchenko Musical Theatre (Moscow), which was the part of Masterpieces of the Modern Choreography night at the Opera and Ballet House.

 And now – 2 years later – a new meeting with Nacho ballets and Maestro himself «in flesh and  blood» for the first time has come with his team to Voronezh city.

These ballets were created in different years. The world premiere of  «Without Words» based on Franz Schubert music took place in New York  on October 29th, 1998. «Duende», set on music by Claude Debussy, was created earlier – this ballet had its opening night in The Hague on November 21st, 1991. And, at last, the piece «Nunc Dimittis» (music by Arvo Pärt and David Azagra) was made especially for Mikhailovsky Theatre and was presented for the first time on March 15th, 2011. Although Pärt had composed this music to the text of Simeon (Gospel of Luke) prayer, there are no specific  characters in this beautiful abstract ballet. As well as there are no such characters in two other pieces, presented to Voronezh public.

At the end of the performance Nacho Duato himself came up on stage to welcome the grateful audience and get the standing ovation and shouts of «Bravo!».

At the press-conference Mr. Duato shared his thoughts about his career changes:

- Actually it is not me who makes the fateful decisions in my life. Somehow all is happening by itself and my role is only accepting it. It worked out that way when I quit Madrid Theatre, moved to Russia and  now with invitation to Berlin is the same story. - Time spent in St. Petersburg – the special period both in my career and private life. In the north of Europe I seem to think more clearly... My early works are like a window into a new world, like a scream. Today it’s the door that opens inward, it is not scream, it’s a whisper. «Colors» in my palette became darker and more muted.

For more than two years spent in St. Petersburg, I have been just preparing the troupe to accept new choreographers. I have taught dancers of my understanding of movements. They have already realized that the classical and modern dance is not too far from each other: the technique is the same, because the modern dance is growing out of the classics. If I stayed in the theatre I would invite such masters as Jiri Kylian, William Forsythe, Ohad Naarin, but I am finishing my work for Mikhailovsky and wouldn’t be able to do that, still will gladly assist in adding the ballets of these choreographers to the theatre repertoire provided that new art director will desire it.. As for myself – sure, I will transfer my versions of «Romeo and Juliette» and «Sleeping Beaulty» (created in St. Petersburg) to Berlin. I would never make it if not for the bright Russian team that inspired me. Leonid Sarafanov actually invented the part of Prince in «Sleeping Beauty» by himself.. Thanks to my work experience in Russia I do not fear anymore to work with a big team of 60-70 dancers, it will certainly be very useful for in my future work in Berlin.