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7 June

Ohad NAHARIN: I am never in love with my performances, but I am always amazed by my artists!

photo by Evgeniya Pyscheva

Batsheva Dance Company presented its performance Deca Dance on the stage of Voronezh Opera and Ballet Theatre.

Israeli ambassador to Russia Dorit Golender and Counsellor for Cultural Affairs Jaffa Olivitski joined the press-conference advancing the performance. 

Jaffa Olivitski: "This year Israel is celebrating the 65th anniversary of independence and is planning many activities in Russia, in the province as well. We started with the introduction of a large project: in cooperation with Chekhov festival we brought to Voronezh the performance of Ohad Naharin. Of course, starting with a tour of "Batsheva Dance Company", this diamond in the crown of Israeli art, it will be a challenge for us to keep this high level  from now onwards".

Source: http://www.rg.ru/2013/06/06/reg-cfo/dance.html

Choreographer Ohad Naharin with its international troupe challenged the imagination of Voronezh audience with the modern plastic style called "gaga" - a dance technique and a movement language invented by himself:

"We are listening, seeing, measuring, playing with the texture of our flesh, we might be silly, decorating our inside, we can laugh at ourselves.

We learn to love our sweat, we discover our passion to move and connect it to effort, we discover both the animal in us and the power of our imagination".

The performance of the world widely famous director consisted of various sequences from his plays. The audience had a chance to immerse into modern choreography. In the middle of the performance the dancers appealed to the audience and called some volunteers on the stage for a small reality show dancing together a few lightsome rhytmes. 

 The artists were not exceptionally dancers on the stage, but they were exploring peoples psychology and mentality as well, their own ability to sublimate feelings and fears. Ohad Naharin compares his performances with perfume or cosmetics. He underlines: I am never in love with my performances, but I am always amazed by my artists!