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27 June

What's next?..


The governor of Voronezh Region Alexei Gordeev thanked the directorate of the Platonov festival for the hard work in organizing and conducting all the festival events. He also expressed his gratitude personally to festival director Mikhail Bychkov, praising the results of the last third forum.

The directorate of the festival sent gratitudes to its partners, a number of media and a large group of the festival volunteers.

You can turn over a new page of history of the festival.

And what's next?

- The Festival has reached a scale, authority in the cultural community and the public outcry that put him in a number of major events in Russian culture and art, - says Mikhail Bychkov. - We have come to an important line or a crossroads.

It's pointless to increase the number of festival events, to expand the festival program. We need to work on improving its content. And either continue to build the festival as an integral part of the European, world culture, with all its stylistic diversity, relevance and artistic independence - or organize a "sovereign", "original", special, national creative forum that satisfies the idea of beauty of the conservative part of society.

I'm sure that the future of Voronezh and Russia is in the mainstream of European civilization, and Platonov festival will continue to be the one of the bridges in this future.