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6 June

Meetings with artists and cultural workers on the third Platonov festival

Dmitry Bykov at the meeting on the Platonov Arts Festival

Meetings with artists and cultural workers, lectures, press conferences and autograph sessions with famous Russian literary workers such as poets, novelists, literary critics as well as major Russian design studio representatives will take place at Platonov Festival Book Fair, which will be held in cooperation with Petrovsky book club.

Vera Pavlova

Friday, June 7, 4 p.m. The small stage of Voronezh concert hall

Vera Pavlova will acquaint the audience with her new book Libretto. It is Vera Pavlova’s eighteenth book, which includes new poems written in 2010-2012, Christmas opera libretto for children and prosaic recitatives such as diaries, interviews, essays and autobiography. Pavlova has ventured to add prosaic experiments to the book for the first time. Besides this in the book the reader will find drawings by sixteen years old Vera Desyatova who still doesn’t know that she is a poet, considering herself as a caricaturist. Or as an astronomer. In the worst case as a composer.

Saturday, June 8, 6 p.m. Petrovsky book club

Vera Pavlova will acquaint the audience with his penultimate book which was published in 2011 and is called Person bearing the same family name / Children's albums. This is a book-palindrome with two books under one cover. In Person bearing the same family name there is Pavlova’s meta-lyric specialty which is passionate and strict at the same time. In the other one, Children's albums, there are poems written on behalf of preschoolers. There are also poems by two preschoolers, Lisa Pavlova and Natasha Pavlova, the poet’s daughters, written down many years ago by admiring mother because the authors could not write yet.

Yuri Petkevich

Friday, June 7, 5 p.m. Art Museum named after Kramskoy

Prose and painting by Yuri Petkevich who is regarded as the only modern disciple of Andrey Platonov mutually nourish each other. The meeting with famous artist and novelist will be devoted to the book With a bird on the head. The author will tell how he saw a woman with a bird on his head and later wrote a short story with the same title. He will tell how he painted several pictures named With a bird on the head. And he will also tell about the connection of his literature with paintings. And about the girl, whom he wrote the work With a bird on the head with, presented on the cover of the book, and which became Milochka’s prototype in In the balance story. And also about life in the balance during the time when this short stories series were creating...

Erken Kagarov

Friday, June 7, 4 p.m. Petrovsky Book Club

Erken Kagarov, an art director of Lebedev Studio will present a lecture on The Big Bang Theory or how to deal with entropy, dedicated to design, physics, literature, business and their connection issues. Erken will tell about the concept of conflict in literature and contrast in design, about relationships between contrast and context, about concentration and deconcentration in design, business and war, about composition as a way of managing space, will also explain what is the common law of composition and why Moscow citizens do not succeed, where to get the power, how to manage energy and what to do to delay the heat death of the Universe.

Yuri Gordon

Friday, June 7, 6 p.m. Petrovsky book club

Yuri Gordon is an artist, graphic designer, type designer, illustrator, calligrapher, printmaker, text author. He is a co-organizer and co-owner of Letterhead studio, a famous design bureau, the leading team in Russia developing types that can be ordered. Prints and lettering by Letterhead are used in Esquire, Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Rolling Stone, Vokrug sveta, Hermitage magazines and many others. Beyond the letters is a story about the Book about Letters, the first attempt to consider the Russian alphabet as a plastic and conceptual whole. A story about the letters as alive beings with their own characters, habits and attachments. The story of what else the author does, about mad magazine lettering and accidence, artistic and literary projects, artists’ books, LJ and Instagram experience, visual poetry, literary cartography, type program of the future and much more.

Marina Moskvina

Wednesday, June 5, 4.30 p.m. H.L.A.M. Gallery

Famous writer Marina Moskvina will tell how the journey turns into art. Together with the artist Leonid Tishkov they followed ancient roads of Japan, meditated in a Zen monastery in Kyoto, climbed Mount Fuji, sailed the Arctic Ocean around Spitsbergen on the ancient tall ship... Stories based on journeys The grass head of the bed, Heaven silent rovers, The road to Annapurna, Goodbye, the Arctic were born from their wanderings, despite all the drama they are full of humor and are illustrated with a brilliant sense of humor with grotesque paintings by Leonid Tishkov.

Friday, June 7, 4.30 p.m. Children's marquee at Sovetskaya square

A meeting with Marina Moskvina, a merry woman, famous writer and traveler, laureate of International Andersen Diploma will be held in the children's marquee. The author of My dog loves jazz, Seven flying passengers, What happened with a crocodile, Do not step on a bug, Blohnessky monster, Flourish and other great books will tell how she composes her amazing stories. Where the hero’s adventures come from, what is fiction and what is truth in her books. And of course she will show new cartoons, based on her stories and fairy tales!

Sunday, June 9, 6.30 p.m. Petrovsky Book Club

Marina Moskvina, the author of the novels The genius of unrequited love, Trash bin for the Diamond Sutra, Love affair with the Moon (nominated for the Booker, National bestseller and The Big Book Prizes), the book My dog loves jazz, awarded the International Andersen Diploma as well as the author of fascinating books about creativity will present his new book Moths’ dance over dry land. The writer has been collecting amazing, funny and sad incidents from the life for thirty years. These parables and anecdotes created by life with all its absurdity, strangeness and fun sadness are regarded as of Solo on Underwood by Dovlatov and Cases by Harms. Marina Moskvina’s books are illustrated with drawings and photographs by famous artist Leonid Tishkov.

Andrey Usachyov

Saturday, June 8, 4 p.m. Sunday, June 9, 3 p.m. Children's marquee at Sovetskaya square

A meeting with a writer, a poet, a playwright Andrey Usachyov, the author of plays, animated films, 200 children's books will be held at the Book fair. The genre of this event will be not a meeting or a presentation of new books but a concert with poems, songs, cartoons, that is why the meeting will be interesting for both children and adults. Usachyov’s works were translated into 12 languages. Five books were recommended as textbooks to study in schools by Russian Ministry of Education. In the mid-90s Usachyov released about a hundred children's television programs Croak-Variety show Merry Croak-company. He is the winner of The Book of the Year National Contest, the literary awards named after S. Marshak, K. Chukovsky, Peter and the Wolf and The Musical heart of the Theater festivals. In 2012 he was awarded the Honorary Diploma of the Hans Christian Andersen Awards.

Dmitry Bykov

Saturday, June 8, 2 p.m. The small stage of Voronezh concert hall

A famous writer, poet, journalist, film critic Dmitry Bykov is the laureate of The National bestseller Awards, Big Book Prize, Bronze snail Prize, International Literary Prize named after A. and B. Strugatsky and many others literary awards. He has created a literary video production in the framework of Mr. Poet and Mr. The Good projects together with Michael Efremov. He has published the biographical book about Boris Pasternak and Bulat Okudzhava. Dmitry Bykov will present a lecture on Platonov as a literary critic at the meeting in the framework of Platonov festival.

Sunday, June 9, 4 p.m. Petrovsky book club

Lecture about Mandelstam The lecture by Dmitry Bykov about Mandelstam will be devoted to the exotic theme The poet and the city. It was used to correlate Mandelstam with Moscow until 1934, with St.-Petersburg until 1922 and later. But the theme Voronezh and Mandelstam is usually considered in the context of "a violent land." According to Bykov, Voronezh place gave Mandelstam an incredible stimulus even more than Moscow did. "I consider Voronezh notebooks rather as an incipient insanity manifestation but there is enlightenment in this madness which is much more meaningful than in the Moscow cycle". It was Voronezh due to which Poems about the Unknown Soldier, the main Mandelstam’s work according to Bykov were written.

Pavel Basinsky

Saturday, June 8, 4 p.m. The small stage of Voronezh concert hall

Meeting with a literary critic, journalist and writer Pavel Basinsky, the author of Tolstoy the known and the unknown will be dedicated to the theme of Tolstoy and the publishing of the new book by Basinsky The Holy against Lev. Saint John of Kronstadt and Lev Tolstoy: a story of enmity. Basinsky is called the best modern investigator of Lev Tolstoy’s works. His previous book, Lev Tolstoy. Escape from Paradise, was awarded Big Book prize and became a bestseller. In the new book Basinsky continues to explore the great writer’s life, the author's attention is riveted to Tolstoy’s religion theme, his conflict with the Orthodox Church. This book is a history of relationships between two enemies and two of the most popular men of that time, the most famous writer and the most beloved by people priest.

Sunday, June 9, 12 p.m. The Library named after Nikitin

It will be a conversation with Pavel Basinsky about Russian literature in general and the modern Russian literature in particular. Basinsky has been working as a literary critic for more than 15 years, first of all, for Literaturnaya gazeta, and is one of ten leading critics of Russia. His book, The realism epoch Man, that contains the best articles for the past 20 years, was published by Sapronov Publishing not so long time ago. Reflections on contemporary literature are located next to the classical literature texts. The reasons why Russian prose today, according to Basinsky, "is going through a good period", and in contrast literary critique "is actually dying, if haven’t died already" will be discussed at the meeting.

Vadim Erlikhman

Monday, June 10, 3 p.m. The Library named after Nikitin

A conversation topic with a historian, editor of The Lives of Remarkable People series Vadim Erlikhman will become A biographical genre on a history and literature junction. There is still an interest in past and present prominent figures biographies in the society. Not only high ratings of television programs devoted to them show it but also the popularity of the oldest in Russia The Lives of Remarkable People book series. How did the concept of "being remarkable" change during centuries? Should we censor famous people biographies? Who is able and should become a role model in today's Russia? These and other questions will be discussed at the meeting with Vadim Erlikhman, the author of numerous books and articles on biographical topics.

Evgeny Grishkovets

Thursday, June 13, 4 p.m. Petrovsky Book Club

A playwright, director, actor, writer Evgeny Grishkovets will answer readers’ questions on the eve of his new play Voronezh premiere Farewell to a paper. Grishkovets have received numerous awards, including The Triumph and The Golden Mask Awards (in Innovation and Critic Prize nominations), The Silver Bar awards of Serebryany dozhd’ radio station, Anti Booker Prize and many others during his artistic career. A new book by writer, Letters to Andrey, an essay collection on art written in the form of letters to Andrey Tarkovsky was published in 2012. The book is included in The National bestseller Award long list.