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16 May

Choreographer Alexander Mogilev has become another member of "Vladimir Vasiliev’s creative workshop” project


Alexander Mogilev will become the  seventh participant of the choreographic project under the direction of choreographer Vladimir Vasiliev. This week in Voronezh he has been working on production of a duet that will become a part of the contemporary choreography evening on the theme of Platonov's work. "Inanimate enemy" story by Platonov created in 1943 seved a theme and inspiration for the miniature. 

“I’ve read a lot of Platonov’s works to find a basis for the miniatures and realized that all of them are surprisingly relevant”, says Alexander.  “In "Inanimate enemy" story the writer is talking about the nature of war, its meaningless when it turns out that the enemy is not outside but inside us”.

Alexander Mogilev graduated from the dance department of Karelian Culture College and Moscow State Culture and Arts University, studied at European Ballet Conservatory (Austria). He has been working as a choreographer since 2006. He won the grand prix for the best choreographic work at "Winter Fantasies-2006" competition, was awarded a special diploma at "Delphian Games 2008" and the first degree in the "Silver Wing-2009" competition. He received a prize for the best performance of modern choreography at XII International Russian Ballet Performers Competition "Arabesque-2012" named after Ekaterina Maximova. 

Alexander has been teaching modern dance at Moscow "Nicholas Ogryzkov’s Contemporary Choreography School" since 2007.  He is performing solo dances in Russia and European countries, participating in entertainment programs on television and working with the stars of Russian and foreign variety shows.