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8 April

Choreographer Vera Arbuzova met with the artists of the Voronezh Opera and Ballet theatre


Choreographer Vera Arbuzova

Last week, a ballet dancer and choreographer, Honored Artist of Russia Vera Arbuzova came to Voronezh to work on the miniature, which will be included in the night of modern choreography in the framework of  "Vladimir Vasiliev Workshop".


Not only artists of the Voronezh Opera and Ballet theatre, but also the soloists of the Voronezh Russian Folk Choir and the main choreographer of the theater Andrey Melanyin will take part in this performance.

In the basis of the miniature is one of the most famous stories of Andrey Platonov - "Fro". By the way Vera was inspired by this story to create choreography for the performance "Russian Space" in the St. Petersburg Theatre "The Fruits of Enlightenment", where she performs the role of Fro.

The rehearsal in Opera and Ballet Theatre

On April 6, choreographer gave a master class in the Voronezh Ballet School. In just two hours she put the full a piece of modern ballet with the students.


In 1992, Vera Arbuzova graduated from the Krasnoyarsk ballet school - and in the same year, she became a soloist of the famous St. Petersburg State Academic Ballet Theatre of Boris Eifman. In the Eifman theatre she performed the parts of Nadezhda von Meck ("Tchaikovsky"), Grushenka ("Karamazovs"), Anna ("Anna Karenina"), Armand, Donna Anna ("Don Juan and Moliere") and many others.

As the best dancer, she has twice been awarded the highest theatrical award of Petersburg "Golden Soffit"/ She is the winner of "The Soul of Dance" and the prizewinner of the first Diaghilev Competition in Moscow.

Since 2008 she is a soloist of the Mikhailovsky Theatre, where she performs the parts of Myrtles ("Giselle"), Valerie, Sabine ("Spartacus", the chorus. G. Kovtun) Jacinta ("Laurencia"), the part in "Minor Sonata" and "Nunc Dimittis".

In 2010, Vera Arbuzov first performed as a choreographer. She participated in the TV-show "Bolero", created choreography for the poem "Seasons" (music by Tchaikovsky) and staged one-act modern ballet «INSIDE/Behind the dream" in the Krasnoyarsk State Opera and Ballet Theatre.