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26 March

10,000 tickets for the Platonov Festival events have been sold!



In 2012, at the second festival the total number of tickets was around 9,000. This year, many performances and concerts will take place in the large halls, that's why the amount of tickets is about 14,000.  10,000 of them have already found their owners.


Tickets to the concerts of Russian National Orchestra, the Ensemble of soloists of the Berlin Philharmonic, as well as the concerts of outstanding soloists Boris Berezovsky and Mischa Maisky are almost sold.

Tickets to the German cabaret show, to the performances "Platonov. Living the main life", "Fro" and "The Impossible", as well as the tickets to "Notebooks" by Moscow Theatre Art Studio and "The Suicide" by Saratov Youth Theatre are sold.

There are two months before the festival opening - and the audience still has many chances to choose something interesting in the festival program.