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26 February

1/2 of tickets total quantity is sold

One more performance "In the Crocodile Bar" will be added to the festival program

February 25, two weeks after the ticket sale started, 1/2 of tickets total quantity is sold. The head and artistic director of the festival Mikhail Bychkov comments:

- We are very excited by the great interest of the public. Its activity has far exceeded our expectations. That means that the Platonov Arts festival has become a very noticeable and expected cultural event. And that music and theatre programs include really unique projects. We are grateful to the audience for the interest and we will do everything to meet their expectations.

In the media there is various information about the festival tickets sale. I want to stress that only half of the tickets are sold, and everyone can choose something for himself.

For example, about 200 tickets to a concert of Barbara Frittoli are on sale, about 300 tickets to the concert of the Russian National Orchestra, there are still enough tickets on the evenings of Mikhailovsky Theatre, performance "Suicide", joint projects with the Chekhov Festival. About 50 tickets to exclusive concert in Ramon are on sale too. 

Tickets to the German cabaret show are sold. We’ve also sold all the tickets to the performances that will go on the small venues: "Platonov. Living the main life", "Fro" and "The Impossible". The last three are based on the Platonov‘s works, and in my opinion, that's great. I draw the attention of the Platonov fans that we still have tickets to an unusual puppet "Chevengur" from Kharkov.

Due to such a high viewers interest we try to organize several additional performances. For example, we’ve started to sale tickets to one more performance "In the Crocodile Bar". It will be shown on June 14 at 20 pm. We also hope to organize additional performances of "Platonov. Living the main life" and "Babushki" by the theatre "Praktika".

So, I would like to recommend viewers to define their festival preferences as soon as possible.