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16 January

Platonov festival theatre program will be dedicated to interpretations of the works of Platonov and his contemporaries


"The Potudan River", Theatre Art Studio (Moscow)

At the press-conference in November 2012 we announce the joint projects of Platonov and Chekhov Festivals. Among them are «Deca Dance» by Batsheva Dance Company (Tel Aviv, Israel), «Murmures des Murs» by Compagnie des Petites Heures (Paris, France) and "The Animals and Children Took to the Streets" by "1927" (London, Great Britain).

The rest of Platonov Festival theatre program was announced at the press-conference on the 15th of January. 

Big part of the program will consist of interpretations of Platonov’s works and works of his famous contemporaries - Nikolai Erdman, Anton Makarenko and Konstantin Stanislavsky.

The theatre program will be opened by "Pedagogical Poem" produced by the Theatre NO99 from Tallinn. The performance is based on the famous novel by Anton Makarenko and the book "An Actor Prepares" by Konstantin Stanislavsky.

Young directors, theatres and actors will share their vision of Andrey Platonov at the festival.

Laboratory ON.TEATR (Saint-Petersburg) will present "Platonov. Living the main life" based on the Platonov's prose and his correspondence with his wife Maria Alexandrovna, which was published after his death under the title «Living the main life».

Chekhov International Theatre Center (Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk) will show the performance "Fro" based on Platonov's short story. It's the debut of the young director Alexander Ageyev.

Students of the Russian University of Theatre Arts (Moscow) will present the theatre piece "Impossible" based on Platonov stories united under the title: "Andrey Platonov’s six stories about loneliness and love". The performance was staged by the GITIS lecturer, director Vera Kamyshnikova.

Shortly before Platonov festival starts the Voronezh Chamber Theatre will premiere Platonov’s  play «Fourteen Little Red Huts» that will also become the part of the third festival. 

Kharkov Academic Afanasiev Puppet Theatre (Ukraine) will present their version of the famous Platonov’s novel «Chevengur».

The Theatre Art Studio (Moscow) under the guidance of the outstanding director Sergey Zhenovach will bring two productions to Voronezh. One of them will be the celebrated version of Platonov’s "The Potudan River" and the other - "The Notebooks" based on Anton Chekhov’s diaries.

Saratov Academic Kiselev Youth Theater - the world's first professional theater for children opened in 1918, will present Nikolai Erdman's comedy "The Suicide" directed by Mikhail Bychkov.

Cabaret show «In the CROCODILE bar» («In der Bar zum CROCODIL», Berlin) will also become the part of the festival. It will be performed by the German actress Teresa Weissbach and American pianist and dancer John R. Carlson. They will immerse audience into the Germany musical past of golden 20's and early 30 years – Platonov’s contemporary time.