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26 December

Ogoniok about Platonov festival


Natalya Ivanova and Lev Danilkin at Platonov festival Book fair

The article by Natalya Ivanova, the first deputy editor of the “Znamya” magazine and the guest of the Festival Book Fair 2012, was published yesterday in the special issue of Ogoniok magazine. 

In the article entitled "Fifty shades of literary gray" the well-known critic sums up the year results and makes the positive conclusion that "the most important (and not only literary) result was the fact that the word "writer" restored its authority that was seemed lost".            The rise of interest to the novel "Life and Fate" by Vasily Grossman the Ivanova calls the «rebirth of the book»: "Will the reader return to the book? After the movie and great performance (much more thorough in content) by Lev Dodin, who was awarded with the Platonov’s prize this year, I hope he will".

In the section dedicated to book fairs Natalia Ivanova writes: "Despite the fact that this year my work record included Frankfurt and Moscow (Moscow International Book Fair, Non/Fiction), I would like to put Voronezh on the first place - with its International Platonov Arts Festival held in June 2012 and the Book fair, attended by a lot of publishing houses, including Moscow".

The author tells the readers about the opening of the intellectual book shop «Petrovsky» in Voronezh and admits that she was touched by the book fair: "... imagine that on the most important (and huge) city square, among the tents with the publishers and books, there is a clear large area and both citizens and guests of the city are taking part in the non-stop reading of Platonov prose on the stage. Page by page. And among them there are teachers, doctors, students; the Governor of the Voronezh region Alexey Gordeev is reading his page, with no tie and no body guard... It’s a real literary anomaly in Voronezh: Bunin, Platonov, Mandelstam – though in exile, but he chose the city himself, and there is almost the best monument of him created by Lazar Gadaev".

In 2013, the second Festival Book Fair will take place in Voronezh. The Festival Directorate expects that it will be also a great success, and together with Natalia Ivanova believes that «The book is the best gift. In case someone has forgotten this».


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