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21 December

Andrey Platonov’s «Personаl File» will be presented at the festival


The third Platonov Arts festival is preparing a unique title - a book-album "Andrey Platonov. Personal File".

The book will contain photographs and documents of the Platonov’s Voronezh period (1899 - 1926). There will be facsimile copies from the archives of the Institute of World Literature, Russian State Archive of Literature and Art, the State Archive of the Voronezh region and others.

The book will include original copies of the first autographs, autobiographies, articles, drawings, business correspondence, patents ... Much of the material will be published for the first time.

The book-album will be released under the editorship of the head of the Platonov group in the Institute of World Literature, Professor (большая буква) Natalia Kornienko. 

The book "Andrey Platonov. Personal File" will be connected with a large-scale exhibition project of the same name. The Platonov festival will organize it in conjunction with the Moscow Polytechnical Museum - one of the largest science museums in the world.

The exposition will include enlarged copies of photos, documents, letters, publications of Platonov, as well as artifacts from the museum's store and its main exhibition. Most of the exhibits will be related to Platonov literary themes - railway, irrigation, electrification. Andrey Platonov worked as an assistant engineer and mechanic and later worked as an Irrigation Engineer and expert on electrification of agriculture. Problem of the relationship between a man and technology are reflected in a number of Platonov’s works.

Transformers, pumps, wiring items, motors and generators – the items described in the book will materialize into real objects. And the festival book "Andrey Platonov. Personal File" will be presented at the opening of the exhibition.

This project will help professionals, readers and just visitors of the exhibition to expand their knowledge of one of the most amazing writers of the twentieth century.