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11 June

Journalists asked Slovenian pianist Bojan Gorišek and the representatives of St.-Petersburg Etude-Theatre about their preferences



The director of  "Potudan" Semen Serzin, actors Vladimir Karpov and Alessandra Dzhuntini represented the citizens of St.-Petersburg at the press conference. As guests told, their theater company is the youngest in St.-Petersburg. Actually it is a course of the well-known theater director Veniamin Filshtinsky. There are 15 actors in the theater. They play 5 performances, including "Potudan". It is based on Andrey Platonov's story "River Potudan" and also on his story "Yushka". And old man Yushka is played by young Italian actress Alessandra Dzhuntini.

Well-known Slovenian pianist Bojan Gorišek played in Voronezh his first concert in our country. Bojan went on tour across all Europe but it was the first time he arrived to Russia.

In his performance Gorišek uses the silent movie, in which his favourite composer Eric Satie acted. «I have been playing his music for so long that I almost became his friend despite the fact that he died long time ago» - Bojan told. Answering a question why he restricts himself to music of minimalistic composers, Gorišek said that it is better to be good at one thing, than to do a lot of things indifferently.