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13 June

The opening of Platonov Club was held in «Petrovsky» book club



The members the "Translation workshop", the members of the literary community and journalists attended the first meeting of the club. The director of the Platonov festival Mikhail Bychkov conducted the discussion.

- We need a free area, like Platonov Club, where in the informal atmosphere, drinking tea, meet scientists, literature workers and artists of different areas will be able to meet. People which are from different "orbits" of Platonov’s world. We need to be connected with each other, not only with Platonov.
The participants also agreed that innovation should be one of the criteria for the award. But this innovation should be dequate. Punk prayer in
Khrista Spasitelya Temple does not belong to it.


Also, club members decided to send to the government of Voronezh and Moscow a letter about the necessity of  the monument to Platonov. The letter will be prepared soon. Most participants of the club agreed to subscribe it.