VII International Platonov Arts Festival will take place in Voronezh (Russia) on 2-14 of June, 2017. 

Festival program supports work in 4 fields: «Theatre», «Music», «Visual art» and «Literature». It represents the world art in all its diversity and traditions: dramatic performances, choreography and opera, visual and total theater, classical music, jazz and world-music, paintings and graphic arts, video-art and installations, prose, poetry and dramaturgy. We give great attention to the unicity of the projects and try to show as much as possible Russian premiers during the festival.

Platonov Arts Festival, named after the greatest Russian writer of the twentieth century Andrey Platonov, has been held in his homeland Voronezh since June 2011. We have special «Platonov program» consists of works based on Platonov’s literary heritage, or devoted to the Platonov’s work.

All the theatre and concert stages in Voronezh, all exhibition rooms and galleries are used as festival venues. Most of them are situated in the center of Voronezh, not far from each other.

Besides traditional auditoriums and exhibition halls, parks and squares festival “geography” includes unusual and unique in its beauty and history venues: Castle park in Ramon, where some music concerts take place; Art center “Commune”, situated into the building of former printing-office of Commune newspaper, where young Andrey Platonov worked; Quarry “White Well” which is the venue for the world-music concerts.

The Festival also offers some free events for the citizens and guests of Voronezh, where you don’t need to buy a ticket. The most spectacular and impressive one is Street theatres parade, where stilt-walkers, mimes and musicians from all over the world dressed up in fabulous costumes, marching down the city’s main street. The Parade is kind of opening ceremony for performances of street theatres.

During these five years, the Festival became one of the major and most substantial arts festivals in Russia. In 2015 Voronezh became the cultural capital of the Newly Independent States, and credits for this status mostly goes to Platonov Arts Festival. The audience of the Festival is more than 70 000 people from different cities. 

The founder and artistic director of Platonov Arts Festival is Mikhail Bychkov, stage director, founder and artistic director of Voronezh Chamber Theater.

The Festival was created under the direct patronage of the Governor of Voronezh Region Alexey Gordeev.